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Embody Hockey Camp




August 4th - 5th


About the Course

We are thrilled to announce Embody Hockey's first-ever Pre-Season Prep Camp! This camp presents a fantastic opportunity for young players to sharpen their skills before the season kicks off. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive training experience that equips players with the tools they need to excel on and off the ice. We will be hosting this camp July 15th and 16th

Key Camp Features:

• Skill Development Sessions: Our camp sessions will focus on various skill development areas crucial to enhancing player performance. Participants will engage in exercises covering edge work, tight turns, shooting in stride, puck protection, and scoring in the hard areas.

• Off-Ice Programs: We understand the importance of consistent performance in every game. To support this, our camp includes off-ice programs that provide players with the necessary tools to play their best consistently. Each player will receive the Embody Hockey Handbook with tools and exercises to build consistency in their game. We will be covering topics like Embracing Coachability, cultivating confidence, gameday preparation, and goal setting.

• NHL Game Video Analysis: One of the highlights of our camp is the opportunity to analyze NHL game footage. By studying positioning and hockey IQ at the highest level, participants will gain invaluable insights into strategies employed by professional players. This knowledge will enable them to elevate their game to new heights. They will also learn a different way to watch hockey in order to build hockey IQ.

• Certified Sports Nutritionist Presentation: Understanding the importance of proper nutrition, we have arranged for a presentation by a certified sports nutritionist. Participants will learn how to fuel their bodies effectively, optimizing their energy levels both on and off the ice

• Report Card and Feedback: At the conclusion of the camp, each participant will receive a comprehensive report card. This personalized feedback will highlight areas of strength and areas for improvement, along with recommendations for future development as a player.

We are confident that this Pre-Season Prep Camp will provide an invaluable experience for each player. The total cost for the two-day camp is $350.00.

To register or for any inquiries, please contact us at Limited spots are available, so we encourage you to act promptly.

Camp Schedule

7:45 - Arrival

8:00 - Ice Session

9:15 – Personal Development

10:15 – Video

11:15 - Ice Session

12:30 - Workout/Stretch

Your Instructor

Coach Jake

Owner and Director of Hockey Operations

Coach Jake
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